Jameson Duct Hunter™ Traceable Rodders – Trace or Map Underground Pipe Before Digging

Jameson’s Duct Hunter™ rodders have a copper wire that can be energized with a signal transmitter. When the energized Duct Hunter™ rod is pushed into underground pipe, the entire buried utility can be traced and marked from above ground by one person without digging.

Jameson Duct Hunter Traceable Rodders

Features Include:

  • 300' - 1,000' lengths
  • Trace to 10' depth
  • Locate sewer laterals, ductile iron, plastic, tile or concrete pipe
  • Rigid frame and wheel construction
  • Rod's ferrule attaches to sonde, roller guide, or pulling eye
  • Bend Radius: 5/16" rod has 6" bend radius, 7/16" rod has 9" bend radius
  • Accessory Kit included

Watch the video of Duct Hunter locating a sewer manhole: