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With a rich 125-year company history, Intermatic has grown into a global manufacturer of control and energy-management solutions for electrical, HVAC/R, pool & spa, and OEM markets. In today’s high-technology world and global economy, Intermatic values ensure quality products, technical information, and attentive service. They provide solutions in facilities, municipalities, manufacturing, agriculture, commercial, residential and construction markets.

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Intermatic News

  • Intermatic Electronic Photo Controls

    Intermatic sets the new standard with photo controls designed to meet the extended life expectation of today's LED lighting fixtures. Products are dusk-to-dawn ON/OFF, twist lock and fix mount electronic photo controls most commonly used for street lighting, parking lot fixtures and pedestrian walkways. Electronic Ballast Ratings are offered to ensure compatibility with new LED and Induction Lighting Fixtures. Learn more.


  • Intermatic Weatherproof Covers

    Intermatic’s durable line-up of Die-Cast and Plastic Weatherproof Covers offer long-lasting protection in all types of rugged applications: industrial, commercial, manufacturing, residential, and more! Time-saving features and resilient construction make these weatherproof covers the most versatile around! Learn more.


  • Basic+ Series Electronic Time Controls from Intermatic

    Realize energy savings, enhance safety, increase productivity: ET Electronic Controls are an easy and cost-effective way to bring a facility with fair complex and changing schedules up-to-date. They are the perfect solution for schools, small hotels, retail stores, restaurants, and small offices. Designed with time- and money-saving features, the Basic+ Series enables automated control of interior and exterior lighting, bell ringing, water features, signage, and other load consuming equipment. Learn more.


  • Whole House Surge Protection Devices

    Intermatic offers affordable, hard-wired surge protection units (IG SERIES: Models IG1200RC3 and IG1240RC3) to protect from large, whole house surge capacities, as compared with using multiple standard plug-in strip surge protectors that can protect only a few electrical devices.


  • Make the Switch to Cost-Effective, Energy-Saving Light Control

    Reduce energy consumption and save money with the ET90000 365-Day Astronomic Time Switch from Intermatic and Graybar.


  • LightMaster LM Series Control System

    The LightMaster LM Series Control System from Intermatic and Graybar offers lighting cost savings of 50-70 percent,with an average energy payback of six months to one-and-a-half years.


  • Worry-Free Time Switch Automatically Selects the Right Voltage

    Choose Graybar and Intermatic's GM40 Auto-Voltage Time Switch Series to take your wiring worries out and add safety in to time-switch installations.