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Reduce service interruptions, increase reliability and product life by using Innovolt

The chaotic power grid has proven unsuitable for the efficient and long term operation of sophisticated electronic equipment. The ultra-sensitive electronic components are slowly killed by havoc wreaked by disturbances on the volatile power grid. Error codes, system lock ups, power supply and board failures are all byproducts of equipment exposed to constant jeopardy. Downtime means slowed productivity, expensive service calls, and headaches from halted work flow. Leaving machines vulnerable also threatens profitability and customer satisfaction. All power disturbance information is stored for managers and techs to access, allowing for the diagnosis of troubled locations.

About Innovolt
Innovolt® combines patented electronics protection technology with comprehensive monitoring and analytics applications to deliver the leading Intelligent Asset Management platform. Significantly reducing the cost of electronics ownership, Innovolt intelligently protects and manages the productivity and usable life of the technology that powers today’s digital world. The company’s proven solutions guard expensive and sensitive electronic assets against the damaging effects of power disturbances while simultaneously giving businesses the tools they need to predict, measure, and maximize their performance across the distributed enterprise. For more information, visit


  • In-Depth Analysis of Hostile Power Fluctuations and A Proven Solution to Shield Electronic Equipment

    Innovolt's proprietary protection technology is proven to drastically decrease random machine lockups, nuisance trips, indescribable machine issues, poor performance, and premature part failures. Included here is a summary of the types of hostile power fluctuations that directly impact electronics around the world and what Innovolt does to protect electronics.

  • Power Manager 240V 30A Non-Locking Plug Spec Sheet

    The PM 30-240N has 1- NEMA 6-30R for output, 1 NEMA 6-30P for input and is compatible with Innovolt Power Doctor II.

  • Power Doctor II Spec Sheet

    Innovolt's Power Doctor II expands upon the diagnostic capabilities of all Innovolt Power Protection products, from the entry level Plug In Protector to the high power PM 30-240.

  • Power Protector 120V/15A or 20A Spec Sheet

    The best value in intelligent power protection containing patented technology perfect for HD TVs, audio components, computers, monitors, printers, copiers, home appliances, scanners, IT equipment and test equipment where 15 Amp or 20 Amp service is required.

  • Power Manager 208/240V 15A Spec Sheet

    The Power Manager provides "work horse" power protection with patented technology perfect for 208/240 Volt Office Automation or light industrial electronic equipment requiring 15A service. Bright LCD display shows total number of each type of disturbances protected against.

  • Power Manager 240V 30A Locking Plug Spec Sheet

    The PM 30-240L has 1- NEMA L6-30R for output, 1 NEMA L6-30P for input and is compatible with Innovolt Power Doctor II.