The Only Way To Trace Cables: IDEAL SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer

IDEAL SureTrace Circuit Tracers

Performance You Can Rely On

SureTrace is like a stud finder for electrical cables and wires. Now you can easily trace cables throughout a building—from electrical breaker panels to floors, walls and ceilings. The SureTrace Circuit Tracer has twice the battery power of any other units out there, and four times the tracing power of conventional nine-volt circuit tracers. It puts out a strong signal, so you can identify the correct circuit. With four defined ranges, you can quickly select the proper sensitivity for the job.

Safe & Easy To Use

SureTrace features a bigger, brighter LED display that rotates depending on how you hold the unit. So you can always read what the tracer’s telling you, even if you’re working upside-down in the dark. SureTrace also provides a numeric value between 0 and 99, a variable pitch/tone audible indication, and instantaneous signal strength feedback. With new and improved antennas and unrivaled digital circuitry, this baby’s right at home in noisy electrical environments. Plus, with a high-energy fuse and CAT III 600V design, you’ll get the job done safely.

Features of SureTrace Circuit Tracers

  • Numeric value and audible signal provides quick, easy-to-understand tracing feedback
  • Receiver display automatically rotates, for effortless viewing
  • Identifies breakers and fuses, pinpoints opens and shorts, and traces wires behind walls
  • Ruggedized overmolding, for enhanced impact resistance
  • Handset signal communication is tuned tighter to reduce false signaling on noisy circuits
  • Sensitivity range expanded—no signal saturation on multiple breakers
  • Enhanced power management—10% longer battery life and smart, low-battery indicator prevents performance degradation
  • Peak detector displays signal intensity fluidly
  • CertainCircuit™ features now on all models
  • Can be used on circuits 0-600V AC/DC


[PDF] SureTrace™ Circuit Tracers Brochure

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