IDEAL SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connector

IDEAL SpliceLine

Save time with SpliceLine™, the innovative in-line wire connector that does not require crimping, soldering or heat-shrinking to create secure end-to-end connections. Its patented quick push-in technology allows connections up to two times faster. Two ports support a wide range of stranded or solid wires, so one connector can do the job of three traditional butt splices. Precision-molded from a transparent polycarbonate, SpliceLine permits visual inspections of connections. It's an excellent solution for today's pre-fab operations, and the perfect choice for lengthening short wires in tight spaces. Made in the U.S.A.

Features at a Glance

  • Crimp-free, push-in butt splice requires low insertion force for fast connections
  • Ultra-slim shell profile easily passes through ½ in. knockouts
  • Transparent polycarbonate window for visual inspection of connections
  • Wide wire range of 12-20 AWG solid and 12-16 AWG stranded wires
  • UL listed for wire splicing and grounding