IDEAL Networks SignalTEK CT Is More Than Just a Data Cable Transmission Tester Video

The IDEAL Networks SignalTEK data cable transmission tester is a device that an installer can use that generates a wire map – which they all want- to test to make sure that the wire fit together. Beyond that once it is verified that the wires are hooked up properly, the SignalTEK CT is actually a data cable transmission tester. It actually transmits 10 billion bits of data from the main unit through the wire to the remote and back again over the course of 10 seconds. If even one of those bits of data is lost, the SignalTEK CT data cable transmission tester will report it.

This video shows a demonstration of how the tester works and explains how this one device does all of your basic testing but also transmits data across the wire to verify that it actually operates properly and the SignalTEK CT data cable transmission test will generate a report without the need for a computer.