SignalTEK® CT from IDEAL Networks: Affordable Installations Testing and Error-Free Work


Ethernet is incorporated into virtually all low-voltage systems, and physical cabling forms the backbone of all Ethernet networks. Network cabling installed in tough environments is susceptible to disruption and faulty cabling or terminations, resulting in a slow network and reduced throughput. Installers and technicians must verify correct wiring and stress-test a link to make sure data transmits seamlessly. SignalTEK® CT bridges the gap between verifiers and full-blown certifiers, delivering more affordable installations testing and error-free work.

Affordable, Glitch-Free Installations Testing

SignalTEK® CT verifies a link’s ability to perform at full Gigabit speeds by performing a complete physical termination and data transmission test. With a quick auto-test, SignalTEK® CT transmits a full 10 Gb of data across the link and reports any transmission errors against defined performance criteria. From a wayward nail to an unseen conduit burr, SignalTEK® CT performs a complete installation test with TDR fault detection to identify and locate any physical problems.

Features at a Glance

  • Auto-test provides proof of network performance in seconds
  • T568A or T568B are the only configuration settings–run data transmission tests on Cat 5E, Cat 6/6A and Cat 7/7A twisted pair cable, eliminating re-testing due to configuration mistakes
  • Included rechargeable battery packs or optional AA battery holder to test on job sites without power
  • Identify/trace mislabeled cables with the optional amplifier probe
  • Organize up to 5,000 tests in customizable job folders
  • Menus and selections displayed in language of choice—no confusing icons to interpret
  • User-friendly menu for trouble-free operation and minimal training
  • Simple cable naming and job creation enhances on-site productivity
  • Tests to the IEEE802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet standard
  • Field replaceable RJ45 contacts eliminate downtime from worn or damaged connectors
  • Rugged design provides protection against knocks in the field
  • Digital test circuitry eliminates need for annual calibration, saving time and money
  • Create PDF or CSV reports without carrying extra equipment into the field or returning to the office to download data

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.


[PDF] IDEAL Signaltek CT Brochure