Reduce Fatigue and Increase Comfort with New Wire Stripper

IDEAL Reflex T-Stripper product image

The IDEAL Reflex™ T®-Stripper with ergonomic handles is the next evolution in total-comfort, total-control wire strippers. Designed to fit an electrician's natural grip, the complete line of Reflex™ T®-Stripper Wire Strippers provides clean, accurate stripping while reducing repetitive motion fatigue. The ergonomic handles take comfort to a whole new level. They're curved to provide a more natural hold that reduces wrist stress while stripping. This innovative line of hand tools also features no-slip grips that extend to the cutting head for added comfort.

Features at Glance

  • Ergonomic design fits natural grip for maximum comfort
  • Sleeves extend to stripping head to cushion thumb and fingers
  • Sleeve texture provides sure, easy grip
  • Multi-purpose plier nose
  • Convenient looping holes
  • Easy-to-read laser wire-gauge markings
  • Tab lock keeps spring in place
  • Black oxide finish resists corrosion
  • Color-coded handles provide quick identification
  • Every tool individually tested for stripping-gauge accuracy

This tool is a must have when using IDEAL's New SpliceLine in-line wire connectors. Utilizing patented push-in technology, the unique design provides a crimp-free, solderless butt splice making applications easier and faster. The 2-port model supports a wide range of either stranded or solid wires, allowing one connector to do the job of three traditional butt splices. The end-to-end connection of SpliceLine is a great solution for today's pre-fab operations and also makes it perfect for lengthening short wires in tight spaces. It easily passes through 1/2" knockouts and the transparent polycarbonate allows for visual inspection, assuring a secure connection every time. It's UL listed for wire splicing and grounding and made in the U.S.A. by IDEAL.

IDEAL SpliceLine

Features at a Glance

  • Crimp-free, push-in butt splice
  • Low insertion force for fast connections
  • Easily passes through 1/2" knockouts
  • End-to-end connection ideal for pre-fab operations
  • Transparent polycarbonate window for visual inspection of connection
  • Wide wire range of:
    • 12-20 AWG solid
    • 12-16 AWG stranded
IDEAL SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connector