IDEAL PowerPlug Luminaire Disconnect

Ideal PowerPlug® Luminaire Disconnect

The PowerPlug Luminaire Disconnect by IDEAL is a simple, cost-effective method of disconnecting all conductors to ballasts prior to fixture servicing.

PowerPlug’s innovative push-in technology provides fast, efficient ballast connections on solid and stranded wire during installation. This push-in feature does not require tools and enables quick, no-twist connections, resulting in reduced installation time and increased labor cost benefits.

In addition, the simple two-piece device passes UL 1977 finger probe requirements, allowing electricians to disconnect power to fluorescent lighting fixtures for servicing without exposure to dangerous live wires. The PowerPlug is the first disconnect that fully meets both the new Canadian Electrical Code 30-308(4) and new National Electrical Code 410.73(G) for non-residential fluorescent fixtures with ballasts. Many existing disconnects are rated for stranded wire only and will not meet the installation requirements for solid ballast wire.

The PowerPlug is available in 2- and 3-pole models with options for new installations or ballast retrofitting. The 3-pole disconnect allows for one-connector installation of many of today’s energysaving lighting configurations, such as fixtures with dual or electronic ballasts. Contact your Graybar representative for complete information.

Features at a Glance

  • Available in 6amp/300V and 3amp/120V models
  • Perfect for new, retrofit or OEM lighting installations
  • Allows safe disconnect of hot and neutral ballast wiring
  • Patented IDEAL push-in technology quickly locks wires in place
  • Fits through 1/2 in. knockout
  • Rugged nylon housings are bright orange to signify a safety device
  • Color-coded ends: ballast side (white) and line side (orange)
  • 3-pole disconnect accepts up to six #18 AWG solid wires on ballast side (2 conductors in each pole)
  • 3-pole version allows for switching and dimming applications
  • No need for additional connectors or pigtails
  • Black ringed port indicates hot lead
  • Meets UL and CSA finger-probe safety requirements
  • Meets NEC and CEC code changes for non-residential fluorescent luminaires
  • Low-profile design
  • 3/8 in. strip length indicator
  • Thumb ridges provide superior grip


PowerPlug® Luminaire Disconnect Brochure

The IDEAL PowerPlug® Luminaire Disconnect fully meets the 2008 National Electrical Code 410.130(G), 2005 NEC 410.73(G) and Canadian Electrical Code 30-308(4) for non-residential fluorescent luminaires.