Laser Marked Fish Tape Provides Instant Conduit Length

IDEAL Laser Marked Fish Tape product image

IDEAL's Tuff-Grip Pro is now laser marked in 12" increments, beginning at zero and counting up, which is how most people have been using measuring tapes and rulers their whole life. This industry-leading fish tape is constructed of super-touch polypropylene plastic, and features thicker, stronger, yet lighter casing walls.

The large, ergonomic handle offers excellent winding control; it's 30% wider than the original Tuff-Grip fish tapes to easily accommodate large, gloved hands, with non-slip fingertip grooves that provide a secure grip and added handling comfort. Laser marked, lighter, stronger and easier to carry, with faster payout and rewind – Tuff-Grip PRO has it all!

Top Reasons Why IDEAL for Fish Tapes

  • NOW! Laser etched 12" footage markers
  • Durability – Sets the standard in the 25 ft drop test:
    • The Tuff-Grip™ pro case is the most durable in the market
    • Patented Tuff-Cuff™ handle prevents tape from escaping case when dropped
  • Easiest payout and rewind
  • Exclusive Blued Steel strength
    • Straighter wire payout
  • High kink free wire performance
  • Ergonomics – The Speed-Grip handle provides multiple grip options and room for a gloved hand for the most comfortable grip in the industry
IDEAL Fish Tapes Catalog and Selection Guide cover

Features at a Glance

  • Laser etched in 12" increments to provide instant conduit length
  • Tuff-Cuff large retaining feature keeps tape properly positioned in the opening
  • Full-perimeter handle band helps keep out dirt and moisture
  • Superior pull-out and rewind characteristics
  • Exceptionally durable case and handle
  • Exclusive Speed-Grip Pro handle on select models
  • Large, comfortable ergonomically designed handle allows for use with gloves
  • New vertical grip allows for faster payout and rewind

Purchase: Blued-Steel™ Fish Tape Tuff-Grip™ Pro

Purchase: Stainless Steel Fish Tape Tuff-Grip™ Pro