Video: Efficient Cable Cutting with IDEAL PowerBlade

The family of PowerBlade cable cutters can be added into the back of any drill that you have as long as it's 12V corded or uncorded. We have three styles that all come with hardened steel blades. We have the PowerBlade 750, which will cut up to 750mcm copper and 1000mcm aluminum, the Big Kahuna which will cut up to 1250 mcm copper and aluminum. Then we have the Merlin ACSR cutter which will cut up to 3/4" ACSR cable.

The best way to demonstrate these guys is to just show them off so I'm going to cut a piece of cable for you. So what you're looking at for that cut is how smooth it actually is, to make it easier to terminate when they get to that point. Another thing to look at is that you won't get the football distortion type that you might get from a handheld cable cutter. Makes it a lot easier to slip it into the lug or whatever you need to terminate in.

The IDEAL PowerBlade family provides a safe and extremely efficient way to cut cable much more efficient that other methods on the market today.