Count on the BIG KAHUNA for Your Cable-Cutting

IDEAL Big Kahuna Powerblade Cable Cutter

Power in Performance

In every way, the Big Kahuna from IDEAL Industries is specifically designed for cutting large diameter and bundled cables, saving 60 to 80 percent per cut vs. loppers, ratchets or battery powered units. It features exceptionally heavy duty gears and a massive 3.5” jaw opening–all in one unit that fits effortlessly onto any power drill of 12 volts or higher.

Capable of cutting copper and aluminum up to 1250MCM, the Big Kahuna delivers power and precision in every installation. It’s IDEAL’s largest cable cutter–a Big Kahuna for your biggest projects.

A Simplified Design for Effortless Cutting

There are only three major moving parts in the Big Kahuna during the cutting process. The sealed gearbox requires no maintenance. An adjustable torque arm holds the drill in place and a folding handle lets the operator fit the cable cutter into tight spaces, cutting cable without looping or ratcheting. Hardened steel blades ensure consistent cuts, and a contoured blade design minimizes cable distortion. And an ergonomically designed, textured handle has a no-slip grip for clean, installation-ready cuts every time, reducing or eliminating the prep time normally required for cut cable ends.

  • Powerful blade designed for heavy- duty cutting through large-diameter cables
  • Consistently leaves clean, installation-ready cuts
  • Leaves a clean, installation-ready cut each time, every time
  • Compatible with any 12V or higher drill
  • Up to 3½-inch jaw opening is suitable for nearly all large-diameter cables
  • Cuts copper and aluminum up to 1250MCM


[PDF] IDEAL PowerBlade Cable Cutters Brochure

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