IDEAL Networks Voice, Data and Video Cable Verifier – VDV II Video

The VDV is one tester that will do telephone, coax and twisted pair testing; it's more than just a wiremapper.

The VDV tester provides three ways to identify a line: send a tone to tone the line out; use the remotes for identifying and determining the proper port corresponding to the outlet, and with the Pro model, use the hublink feature. The hublink feature lets you plug in to an active line, and back at the pass panel, it will identify the proper port that is corresponding to the outlet.

The VDV II Pro comes with a built-in TDR which gives the length of a cable run, but it will also give the distances to opens and shorts. It does Power over Ethernet detection: if there's a Power over Ethernet line, it tells you what the voltage is and what the positive and the negative pins are. It has phone service detection; whether it's an analog or digital line. It also gives Ethernet detection that shows if the line is advertising 10, 100 or 1000 Mbs.

View a demonstration of how the VDV II Pro detects shorts, opens and miswires. The Pro model is very affordable and has applications for residential, commercial and industrial.

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