IDEAL Networks VDV II Pro Cable Tester Acts Like 4 Tools In One

State-of-the-art wiremapping at it's best: the VDV II Pro is the newest product in wiremapping from IDEAL INDUSTRIES.

Ease of use. Get instant wiremapping information from a simple plug in: phone, data, coax as well as a tone generator inside it. You can do TDR and length troubleshooting with this. You have phone capabilities, data capabilities and coax labeled with a picture.

On screen, the top line will always be what you're supposed to have and the bottom line will always be what you actually have. Easily identify wire by wire which one is off. The VDV II Pro has the capability for PoE detection, so you can run with a live circuit.

The backlighting is adjustable from no backlighting on your screen or up to 300 seconds. If you're questioning the length of a spool of line in data mode, you can go in with the supplied alligator clips, hook up to the line and test to see what your length is. You can also cable test to find where your fault is as well. Your remote unit number one is found in the bottom of the tester. This way you can go ahead and hook up your RG11, 12, you can go all the way to your Cat5, Cat5e, and 6. It gives it a nice, good storage spot, so you can keep up with it. We do offer remotes as well as identifiers in addition to the one that comes packaged with the unit.

This is not going to be like your traditional wiremapper. This is well advanced; having the capabilities to do your PoE detection, your line lengths; you can do all of your wiremapping but you also have a tone generator included in it, so it's almost four tools in one. It's a huge time-saver. It's an easy; it's a plug and play type situation. You plug it in; once you have your line, if it has a fault, it will tell you exactly where the fault is as well as foot detection is concerned. If you're not wiremapped correctly, its a direct line up as far as 1:1, 2:2; very clear and easy to understand.

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