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Now more than ever, electrical contractors are asked to work harder, for less money. Work safer, if they expect to win the next job. And work smarter, doing the job in fewer hours—so they can get to the next one faster. Graybar helps our customers with Efficiency, Safety and Productivity. We call it Graybar ESP and while we can´t help you read minds, we can help you get through the next job on budget, safely and quickly.

With innovative products like those from IDEAL® supplied by Graybar, you can see new ways to use labor hours more efficiently. Reduce your risk. And get to the next job faster.

Latest News and Articles


  • These Levels Were Made For Electrical Installers: Precision Levels From IDEAL Industries

    When you’re cleaning up at home, “good enough” usually does it. But when you’re making saddle or offset bends to electrical conduit, any less than perfect just won’t fly. Doglegs slow you down, resulting in costly do-overs and a rising Total Cost of Install (TCI). But with Precision Levels from IDEAL, you’ll get the job done right the first time.


  • Count on the BIG KAHUNA for Your Cable-Cutting

    Your days of struggling with large-diameter cables are over. The BIG KAHUNA Cable Cutter by ideal uses a jaw opening of up to 3½ inches to accommodate the largest and most challenging cables, including copper and aluminum up to 1250MCM. This powerful piece of equipment leave consistent, installation-ready cuts, delivering a solution that you can count on no matter the scenario.


  • A Cut Above Knockouts & Hole Saws: TKO™ Carbide-Tipped Hole Cutters From IDEAL INDUSTRIES

    With traditional knockout tools, punching holes is a drag. Chuck the step drill bit, drill the pilot hole, assemble the knockout punch and draw stud, now ratchet, remove the slug, disassemble, and store. Six minutes later, you’re done—finally. Still awake? TKO Carbide-Tipped Hole Cutters from IDEAL get it done in 30 seconds or less. Just load the chuck cutter, drill the hole, and store. Done.


  • The Only Way To Trace Cables: IDEAL SureTrace Circuit Tracer

    Before the SureTrace Circuit Tracer came around, tracing building wires and electrical cables was tricky and time-consuming. Those days are long gone. Sure, practice makes perfect. But without the right tools, tracing cables is like an Easter egg hunt gone wrong. You can’t see through walls. But with the SureTrace Circuit Tracer, you don’t have to.


  • [VID] Efficient Cable Cutting with IDEAL PowerBlade

    The family of PowerBlade cable cutters can be added into the back of any drill that you have as long as it's 12V corded or uncorded. We have three styles that all come with hardened steel blades. We have the PowerBlade 750, which will cut up to 750mcm copper and 1000mcm aluminum, the Big Kahuna which will cut up to 1250 mcm copper and aluminum. Then we have the Merlin ACSR cutter which will cut up to 3/4" ACSR cable.


  • [VID] IDEAL InSITE and NJX Connectors

    IDEAL National Account Manager Rob Conrad discusses compression connector technology. The InSITE BNC Connector window allows installers to see when the cable is connected to the pin. IDEAL NJX™ connector is used for indoor applications and can be used with the IDEAL OmniSeal compression tool.


  • IDEAL Changes Colors of B4-B Product

    The WeatherProof® and UnderGround® product lines will be changing from the current blue connector shell color to a dark gray connector shell color


  • IDEAL PowerPlug Luminaire Disconnect

    The PowerPlug Luminaire Disconnect by IDEAL is a simple, cost-effective method of disconnecting all conductors to ballasts prior to fixture servicing.


  • IDEAL Quick Change Screwdriver

    As durable as it is useful, the IDEAL Quick Change Screwdriver is the ultimate multi-bit tool. Simply insert any standard bit into the socket or use as a 1/4" nutdriver.


  • Combo Head Cushioned-Grip Screwdriver

    With the increasing popularity of combination fasteners, the IDEAL Combo Head™ Cushioned-Grip Screwdriver has been designed to fit snugly into multiple sizes of combo screws – eliminating the need to buy more bulky tools.


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