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Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is a division of Hubbell Incorporated, an international manufacturer of quality electrical and electronic products. Drawing on over a century of commitment to innovation and quality, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has an enhanced product offering that provides a breadth of solutions for the industrial, commercial and residential markets. As an industry leader, we are dedicated to developing and delivering products that improve performance, safety and functionality for all applications.

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  • Fully Adjustable 4-Inch Round Recessed Floor Boxes - The next big step in innovation

    Hubbell SystemOne Fully Adjustable Recessed floor boxes has an integral, patent pending, mounting cup which adjusts the device mounting depth to 3 inches, no matter the floor thickness. The cup allows for the electrical devices to be adjusted upwards up to 1½ inches.


  • Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

    The new patented technology from Hubbell eliminates the frustration of using tamper-resistant receptacles—no matter what type of plug you use. The TR mechanism minimizes the required plug insertion force and works better with a wider range of plugs.


  • Hubbell SystemOne Recessed 2-, 4-, 6- and 10-Gang Floor Boxes

    SystemOne Recessed Floor Boxes are the newest addition to the Hubbell Delivery Systems family. These boxes are used in concrete, wood or raised access floors and can accommodate conduits from ½" up to 2".


  • Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems AUTOGUARD Self Test Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

    Hubbell Autoguard® Ground Fault Receptacles (GFR) continually test and monitor for “people protection capability” automatically. This patented safety feature includes disconnecting power to the receptacle if critical components are damaged and GFCI protection is lost. GFCI automonitoring is conducted continuously within every 60 seconds.


  • Tips for Workplace Safety: Arc Flash Hazards and Ground Fault Safety

    Arc flash and electrical wiring hazards rank in the top 10 of OSHA’s most-cited violations. This 40-minute webinar will walk you through an analysis of revised requirements for the Arc Flash Risk Assessment (previously Arc Flash Hazard Analysis in 130.5 of NFPA 70E and updates to the June 29 2015 UL 943 changes that will impact every Ground Fault Receptacle available on the market. Keeping your plant personnel and property free from harm is critical. Experts from Eaton’s Bussmann business and Hubbell Wiring Device Kellems will lead the discussion.


  • Hubbell Advantage Series Switch-Rated Pin & Sleeve Devices

    Hubbell Switch-Rated Connections save time and money by working with your existing installed base of IEC 60309-2 pin and sleeve plugs and inlets.


  • Hubbell Circuit-Lock Sloped Top Stainless Steel Disconnects

    The Circuit-Lock® Sloped Top Stainless Steel Disconnect enclosures from Hubbell are engineered to shed water and debris. The nonporous 304 stainless steel enclosures are UL Type 4X, 12 and IP69k and designed to be easily cleaned and stay clean.


  • Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Watertight Wiring Devices

    Hubbell's redesigned and expanded family of Watertight Wiring Devices. Engineered for superior water resistance and durability.


  • Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Single Pole Devices

    Hubbell temporary power connectors for the most demanding environments.


  • Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems USB Charger Outlets

    Hubbell’s USB Charger product offering features Receptacles and 4 Port Outlets. Designed to provide more charging options for personal electronics, the USB ports are capable of charging multiple smart devices simultaneously.


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