Tamper-Resistant, NOT plug resistant!

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

Tamper-Resistant Receptacles—Safety Made Easy

Hubbell’s patented Cam Action Technology makes inserting a plug as easy as plugging into a standard receptacle. This design has been incorporated into our Industrial, Hospital, Commercial and Residential receptacles. This broad offering ensures the right quality product for all projects.

Hubbell’s patented Cam Action TR shutter is designed to maximize mechanical Efficiency and eliminate the friction and sticking, common to other TR Receptacles particularly when trying to insert plugs with sharp blades

Code compliant in accordance with the 2014 NEC Code – Hubbell TR Receptacles promote Safety by preventing accidental electrical shocks and burns, caused by inserting metal objects into receptacles.

Hubbell TR Receptacles will increase Productivity by eliminating time consuming call-backs to end-users frustrated with the difficulty from plugging into other TR Receptacles.

Patented Cam Action Mechanism

When a plug is inserted into a Hubbell tamper-resistant receptacle, the cam slides the insulating barrier out of the way. The rotating action eliminates friction, creating a smoother, more reliable insertion. As a result, difficulties due to problematic plugs are minimized.

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Features and Benefits

  • For use in NEC® locations requiring Tamper-Resistant receptacles
  • Best-in-class TR mechanism
  • Fed-Spec UL listed
  • Engineered, Designed, and assembled in USA
  • Tested to UL Hospital Grade test standards for impact resistance and abrupt plug pull-out
  • NAFTA and Trade Act Compliant
  • Available in Industrial, Specification, Hospital and Residential Grades in single, duplex and decorator styles

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