Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Raceway

Hubbell Raceways

Hubbell has expanded their comprehensive line of surface metal raceway to now include the HBL700IV and HBL700W series of products. HBL700 series joins the HBL500 and HBL750 series of low profile single service metal raceway products; making Hubbell’s offering the broadest in the industry.

  • Pull wire Efficiently with Hubbell’s full ¾ inch HBL750 series raceway
  • Enhance Safety with rounded corners on all boxes to eliminate sharp edges
  • Maximize Productivity with Hubbell Handi-Screw® – eliminating difficult to install long screws for easier installation

Additional Hubbell Metal Raceway Profiles HBL2000, HBL2400, HBL3000, HBL4750 and HBL6750 series of products. Hubbell also offers complete product offerings of Aluminum and Non-Metalic surface raceways.

Raceway Features

  • Triple knockouts on boxes allows usage with HBL500, HBL700 and HBL750 series raceways
  • HBL750 series accommodates up to five Category 5e, three Category 6, or two Category 6A cables