Video: Hubbell Wiring Device SystemOne Recessed Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs

Today we’re here to talk about our Hubbell Wiring Device SystemOne Recessed Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs and our new expansion upon the product. What we’ve done this year is expanded upon our ever-successful six and eight-inch line which customers have come to expect the beautiful profile flanges, their recessed connectivity, the robust hinges and the fold under doors. But this year we offer our four-inch recessed product.

The reason for this four-inch product, is what we saw wonderful about the six and eight inch is what we wanted to bring into a smaller unit. Often time’s customers are underutilizing the six and eight inch products. So they were paying for a lot that they weren’t using. This gave us the idea to use a four-inch product. The four-inch product utilizes the same features. A beautiful, low profile cover which is available in five finishes: plated nickel, brass, bronze, aluminum and black. It keeps the same family aesthetic with the open and close handle and the hinge access point.

We have a quadplex available for the unit which can be wired single or dual circuit or a two-by-two plate. The two-by-two plate itself can be used with a USB device, a surge device or a GFCI device. It has nice deep wiring chamber within the device and you can also put some keystone jacks in it.

This is ideal for retail applications or small office spaces or huddle rooms within the area.

We are also seeing a lot of use within transit hubs; for instance, airports, bus stations where people are on the go they can stop and plug their device in and go from there. One of the additional advantages of the four-inch recessed poke through is tenant improvement jobs. You’re on the jobsite and the building owner or the engineer is saying I have to have a recessed connection. It’s safer and it reduces tripping hazards. I want the low-profile flange that’s ADA compliant.

Up until today, it was only the six-inch. Now with this, you can remove existing flush products and drop in a four-inch product saving you labor on coring time or having to invest in a larger drill bit. So it gives the contractor the benefit of labor savings and cost of materials.