Hubbell Premise Wiring News

  • The Cable Management Solution You've Been Waiting For: Hubbell Premise's HHR Deep Relay Rack

    An efficient, well-designed telecommunications room is critical for ensuring optimum performance for single- and mixed-use spaces. The expanded width and depth in Hubbell Premise’s HHR Deep Relay Rack creates a more efficient solution by allowing for integrated cable management and removing the need for external vertical cable managers. Take control of your telecommunications room by optimizing your cable management!


  • [VID] Deploy High Definition Video with Hubbell's HDMI Extender

    Hubbell Premise Wiring is committed to the 110 Everywhere approach this year. 110 is a punch down protocol that's been around for quite a few years. We're using that as an IT basis for delivering video. What we have here is video deployment with a chip set from a protocol called HDBaseT. What we have is a USB charger that's powered over 110 so if you have a lot of iPads or small devices, you can power them. It fits in a standard decor frame which is an industry standard.


  • New Hubbell Premise 10G Solutions Brochure

    The new solutions guide features all the latest end-to-end infrastructure solutions from Hubbell Premise Wiring, including PoE, Short Link, Performance Copper, Performance Fiber, Interoperability and AXT.


  • Hubbell iSTATION UTP 110 AV Extenders and Connectors

    Hubbell iStation AV 110 Everywhere connectivity offers a simplistic, traditional 110 termination with standard UTP category rated cable.


  • Hubbell Premise Grounding and Bonding Offering

    The comprehensive product offering is tailored around the UL467 and ANSI/TIA-607-B Standards.


  • Hubbell iStation HDMI High-Definition 110 Video Extender

    Hubbell Premise Wiring introduces the Hubbell iStation HDMI High-Definition 110 Video Extender for transmitting 1080p signals over two solid unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cables, allowing today’s video display devices to be located up to 150 ft. from a digital source.


  • BIDnet Pre-terminated Copper and Fiber Trunk Assemblies

    BIDnet™ pre-terminated copper and fiber trunk assemblies from Hubbell Premise Wiring and Graybar are the dependable solution for data centers where accuracy, reliability and performance are critical.


  • High-Density Fiber Enclosures

    High density fiber enclosures are at the core of data centers. That's why contractors and data center designers rely on the High Density 144 Port 1U Fiber Enclosure from Hubbell Premise Wiring and Graybar.


  • XXL Organizer

    Hubbell Premise Wiring and Graybar offer XXL Organizers for the most accessible and convenient vertical cable management available, that also helps reduce energy costs.


  • Vertical, Horizontal Metered Power Strips Increase Energy Efficiency

    Graybar and Hubbell Premise Wiring present energy-efficient metered power strips that can make a real difference in datacom installations.