iSTATION Plug-n-Play X-END Interface System

Hubbell Premise Wiring iSTATION

HUBBELL's iSTATION™ Plug-n-Play X-END™ Interface System takes the headache out of installations and reduces labor. The secret lies with our patent pending X-END™ interface. The factory-tested X-END™ cable assemblies eliminate termination and testing time, and can be pulled through conduit and plugged directly to one of 12 X-END™ application modules, patch cords or tails.

The X-END™ interface provides flexibility and ease of use allowing six keystone connections or three modules in a single gang.

X-END™ has been intergrated into HUBBELL's iSTATION™ modules and keystone connectors to work seamlessly with all of HUBBELL's work station and delivery products.

Graybar stocks the full range of AV and delivery products, getting it there when you need it, where you need it.

Audio/Video Connectors, Plug-n-Play VGA Connections

Hubbell VGA Connections

Hubbell's iSTATION™ Plug-n-Play VGA high-density DB15 connections provide the industry's fastest terminating video connection. The high performance, high quality video connection is designed for minimal signal loss delivering a transparent video stream to the viewing device.

The iSTATION™ Plug-n-Play VGA is just that, plug it in and walk away. These connectors take the termination out of the installation, saving valuable time and labor on the job site. The VGA connector comes in various connector and horizontal run configurations to adapt to any VGA video application. Each horizontal VGA run is factory tested and terminated, ensuring video integrity, repeatability and consistency.

Providing flexibility and ease-of-use for multimedia applications, our iSTATION™ Plug-n-Play VGA connectors fit into a high-density iSTATION™ module which is 1 unit in size, allowing for 3 units to fit in a single gang iSTATION™ faceplate.

Create a customized multimedia outlet by adding a iSTATION™ Plug-n-Play VGA connector along with HPW's extensive line of AV connectors, iSTATION™ modules and XCELERATOR™ jacks.

To learn more about Hubbell's iSTATION™ Plug-n-Play VGA high-density DB15 connections, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

Converged Work Station Outlet

Hubbell Premise Wiring iSTATION

Systems that support all types of connections provide a simple, sleek intergrated solution to deliver convergence to any work station outlet.

The convergence of data, AV, and telephony has arrived, and being able to aesthetically provide all the connections together, with a consistent look, is as important as the connections themselves.

As independent networks merge, the method of delivering the applications converge as well. Convergence drives data, AV, telephony, and security to utilize the same highway to deliver different applications. Today's users demand that connectiors be together in one consolidated location.

Today's businesses utilize and rely on multimedia every day, and accessing and viewing video is becoming as vital as e-mail, Internet, and access to the server. Video is now in demand at the desktop, in the classroom, in the boardroom, and even via wireless to PDAs and other handheld devices. Being able to deliver audio/video along with data and telephony is essential.

iSTATION™ products provide a consistent, practical solution for delivering all types of connections. Whether it's on a wall, in the floor, or in the ceiling; whether it's on a desk, conference table, or out on the factory floor, the iSTATION™ system takes care of convergence needs. The iSTATION™ uses a "one system" approach that makes it straightforward and effortless to add connectors, maintain a uniform look across all systems, and replicate configurations throughout your enterprise.

Choosing the right connection for converged work station outlets is as simple as adding another iSTATION™ outlet to the infrastructure.