The Cable Management Solution You've Been Waiting For: Hubbell Premise's HHR Deep Relay Rack

Hubbell Premise HHR Deep Relay Rack

A Solution for All Spaces

The majority of telecommunications rooms face challenging realities; restricted capacity and mixed installations place a premium on every inch of available space. Hubbell Premise’s HHR Deep Relay Rack offers an improved solution for all TR spaces by eliminating the need for external mounted vertical cable managers and providing improved stability for mixed-use installations and exceptionally deep servers. The HHR Deep Relay Rack relies on increased depth and width to enable extensive cable management solutions, without the need for tools or any external components. Multiple side cutouts support additional cable routing and internal access, a luxury in the close quarters of most telecommunications rooms.

Saving Your Most Precious Resources

In a space that often supports multiple functions and installations, efficient design and equipment is essential for optimum performance. The HHR Deep Relay Rack’s innovative design allows for the efficient organization of cables while removing the need for vertical cable managers. The extra space created by this improvement can be allocated to other important functions, increasing the potential functions of your telecommunications room.

By eliminating the necessity for external cable management components, money is saved on the purchasing, upkeep, and repair of a variety of parts. The HHR Deep Relay Rack offers improved protection for cables by allowing the installation of cables inside the unit’s rails.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased width and depth allows for integrated cable management
  • Eliminates need for external mounted vertical cable managers
  • Greater functionality for mixed use installations and deep servers
  • Cables installed inside of rail experience increased protection
  • 2,500 lb weight capacity
  • 45 rack units
[PDF] Hubbell Premise HHR Data Sheet

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