Deploy High Definition Video with Hubbell's HDMI Extender

Hubbell Premise Wiring is committed to the 110 Everywhere approach this year. 110 is a punch down protocol that's been around for quite a few years. We're using that as an IT basis for delivering video. What we have here is video deployment with a chip set from a protocol called HDBaseT. What we have is a USB charger that's powered over 110 so if you have a lot of iPads or small devices, you can power them. It fits in a standard decor frame which is an industry standard.

HDBaseT device can deployed for the contractor over 4-pair. If you priced HDMI cable or the plenum version, it's $300-$400 for less than 500 feet. If you look at the Category 6 UTP application, it's much less and the contractor already knows how to run it with his 110 tool.

The HDMI Extender is supported over two UTP cables, and can take the HDMI protocol and extend it further than it was designed to do, giving full high definition video. The HDMI Extender is not HDMI cable, which is very expensive; installers can use plenum UTP.

It's a whole new vertical market for the installer to deploy high definition video and other applications, where before, someone else did it. When installers are determining how much cable is needed or the pathways, they're already making those decisions based on the same kind of cable for other applications.