A Great Solution to Extend Video from Hubbell

Hubbell's 110 Everywhere solution has gone to a 4 pair standard, and on the back of the modules to extend A/V is the 110 connector. 

Plenum-rated HDMI cable is extremely expensive because it has 19 connectors. Hubbell's solution uses only two 4 pairs, which gives you a huge savings.  A/V applications can go longer distances using 4 pair cable which saves you a lot of money. You can also use the existing infrastructure to plug this module in to deliver really high bandwidth A/V.  

Hubbell has a solution to power some of these modules.The ABSP 5 volt DC power supply can power our A/V module, which is the HDBaseT module for streaming high definition video and other applications. You can separate it, have power and low voltage division 27 type applications in the same back box without any interference.

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