Automated Lighting Controls – A Smart Choice In Today’s Buildings


Hubbell Lighting wiHUBB

Hubbell Building Automation's wiHUBB® wireless technology makes installation and maintenance of energy savers in new construction and retrofits easy. wiHUBB-enabled Smart Fixtures plug and play in the wiHUBB Distributed Intelligent Wireless Lighting Control System to make sourcing and commissioning a no-brainer. Any device with internet access and a standard browser is lighting control central.

The self-organizing, reliable 900Mhz wireless network builds automatically, accommodating applications from the private office to the parking deck. This mesh network is self-healing, which means automatically rerouting around failed devices for hassle-free maintenance. The system diagnostics allow lamps and ballasts to be monitored for temperature, failure and energy use. Demand response ready, wiHUBB is programmable and commissionable from any device with a standard browser.

wiHUBB's network protocol is based on the Appliance Protocol. The Radio Frequency operates over a 902-928MHz ISM band. wiHUBB radio and network protocols are proprietary, so operation will not interfere with other WiFi systems.

Hubbell Lighting wiHUBB
Hubbell Lighting
Hubbell Lighting
Hubbell Lighting

Advance Encryption Standard (AES-128) network security is the same method used by the U.S. government for secure data transmission. The wiHUBB Access Point uses Secure Socket Layer protocol, the standard for web security authentication.

System value added options include occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors and switch stations.

wiHUBB for new construction and retrofit projects is the logical choice. Contact your Graybar representative for more details.

Features at a Glance

  • Simple to specify/install/use
    • Individual SKUs – no complicated configurator system
    • Simple wiring configurations and plug and play components
    • Web browser-based Graphical User Interface
  • Meets ASHRAE, Title 24 codes and regulations
  • Sound investment with rapid return
    • Flexible and future proof, thanks to self-organizing, self-healing technology
    • Over the air updates and configuration changes = easy commissioning
  • 100% peer-to-peer – all devices can bridge and route, and each device in the system holds the scheduling information