Hoffman™ Wall-Mount Solutions

Pentair Technical Products Hoffman Brand wall-mount cabinets and racks let you deploy IT equipment where it's needed. Ever-expanding IT and communication requirements demand remote equipment solutions in places where they never existed. From needs as varied as network switches in a school to multiple distributed networks on the factory floor, virtually every enterprise and institution faces the challenge of integrating essential electronics into less than ideal spaces, locations and environments. Wall-mount cabinets and racking solutions from Hoffman meet today's diverse network and control challenges with secure accessibility and robust protection for application requirements as varied as:

  • Indoors or outdoors; NEMA, UL and CSA-rated cabinets and OSP solutions
  • Tight spaces with limited access and airflow such as closets
  • High-traffic and productions areas that present potential equipment damage or tampering dangers
  • Sanitary washdown environments
  • Small networks, wireless access points and sensitive 19" rack mounted equipment
  • Distributed networks, controls and enterprise systems; remote servers and intermediate distribution frames
  • Building systems including HVAC, automation and security systems
  • Audio/Visual, telecommunications, VOIP and office-to-plant communications and monitoring
  • High and ambient temperatures
  • Weather extremes including rain, sleet, snow and ice
  • Corrosive environments
  • Harsh factory automation environments

Hoffman offers the industry's widest array of wall-mount cabinets, accessories and modification options. They are also one of the leading industry experts on cooling and thermal management, an essential consideration for increasingly powerful and densely-populated remote devices in uncontrolled environments. Hoffman has the solutions for complete environmental control of your equipment, isolating and securing vital devices and connections from demanding environmental conditions to ensure optimal levels of performance and operational life.

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Hoffman Protek Series Wall-Mount Cabinet

PROTEK™ Series Wall-Mount Cabinets

Extreme Protection for Punishing Environments
PROTEK cabinets offer robust protection against water, dirt, corrosive agents and other contaminants, as well as industrial environmental challenges including high temperatures, impact and security requirements.

Use versatile PROTEK cabinets in applications ranging from industrial controls and computers, HMI, enterprise systems, remote networking equipment, distributed controls, production monitoring systems, wireless access points, building automation and HVAC, security, audio-video systems, telecommunications and more. PROTEK comes in a broad range of sizes, materials and configurations, plus options to meet the most extreme applications.

Hoffman Protek Series Thermal

PROTEK Series Thermal Packages

PROTEK Wall-Mount Cabinets with Integrated Fan or A/C Type 1, 3R, 4 and Type 12—NEMA Rated
PROTEK wall-mount cabinets are available with integrated thermal management using either a fan and filter combination or air conditioner to control internal temperatures while protecting sensitive 19" rack equipment from water and harmful environmental contaminants. Type 1 fan and filter models offer up to 272 CFM of cooling while protecting against falling dirt, dust and other debris. Type 4 and 12 air-conditioned models offer superior protection from ingress of dirt, circulating dust and dripping water.

For superior outdoor protection against dirt and debris plus protection from the effects of weather (rain, sleet, snow and ice formation) choose PROTEK Type 3R cabinets. All models are preconfigured packages. Available in single or double-hinged solid or scratch-resistant window door models and require no additional layout, drilling or sawing to accommodate thermal devices.

Hoffman Protek Series Stainless

PROTEK Series Stainless Steel Cabinets

PROTEK Stainless Steel Wall-Mount Cabinets Type 4X—NEMA Rated
Ideal for protecting remote 19" network equipment in corrosive environments, or in sanitary washdown applications, PROTEK stainless steel wall-mount cabinet models deliver NEMA/UL Type 4X performance. PROTEK stainless steel cabinets offer sealed protection against ingress of dirt, circulating dust and debris, the effects of weather (rain, sleet, snow and ice formation), ingress of water from dripping, splashing or hose-directed washdown and the enhanced corrosion protection of Type 304 stainless steel construction.

Available in both solid single-door and solid double-hinged door models, with or without air conditionin, PROTEK stainless steel cabinets are a superior choice for network equipment, devices and controls in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and a myriad of applications in demanding indoor and outdoor environments including petrochemical processing and telecommunications.

Hoffman Protek Wall-Mount Enclosures Group

ACCESSPLUS™ II Double-Hinged Cabinet

ACCESSPLUS II Type 1 Double-Hinged Wall-Mount Cabinet

  • Tinted safety glass for greater clarity, strength adn scratch resistance than plexiglass
  • Latch-free sides permit flush-mount installations in tight spaces and corners
  • Gland plate models accommodate pre-wired patch panel installation
  • Cable tie-down slots ease cable management
  • Easy one-person mounting
  • Vertical cable manager included with 28" wide cabinets Hoffman Specialty Cabinet

Specialty Cabinets and Wall-Mount Racks

Wall-mount cabinets and racking deliver security and accessibility even in tight corners or extreme conditions. Let us help you find the right solution from our extensive product line or modify an existing offering to meet your unique requirements.

Hoffman Composite Cabinet

Composite Cabinets

Perfect Cabinets for Wireless Access Points
Lightweight, corrosion-resistant composite cabinets excel at protecting WiFi equipment indoors or out while allowing WiFi and WLAN signals to pass through the cabinet unimpeded. Hoffman Type 4X Composite Cabinets seal out water and dust and are available with solid or window covers that are secured with screws or quick-release latches. Choose from fiberglass or polyester cabinet platforms that are easy to modify in the field and ideal for applications in tunnels, floor vaults or marinas as well as on outside walls and rooftops.

Hoffman Aluminum Outdoor Cabinet

Aluminum Outdoor Cabinets

Outside Plant (OSP) Applications
For outside plant (OSP) needs, turn to Hoffman. They offer a full range of OSP products and accessories. OSP products include FTTX, DSL, outdoor aluminum and pole-mount cabinets. Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum provides long-lasting protection in extreme environments indoors or out, including petrochemical plants, sewage facilities and marine settings.