Hoffman's Type 3R Horizontal Mount Pull-Box

Hoffman’s exclusive horizontal mount pull box is ideal for applications where you need to manage wiring on a rooftop or concrete pad. The unique mounting feet on this product allow it to be mounted on a flat horizontal surface, eliminating the need for a vertical mounting structure, such as a pole or a wall. Hoffman is the only enclosure manufacturer that offers this product as a standard offering.

The Horizontal mount pull-box makes wire or cable entry fast and inexpensive. The conduit can run directly into the box, eliminating the need for 90 degree bends for running conduit up to and back out from the pull box. Reduce your Total Cost of Install by saving in material and labor by eliminating the need for expensive 90 degree bends or fittings.

Hoffman Type 3R Horizontal Mount Pull-Box

Features and Benefits

  • Screw Cover acts as a drip shield, providing a ¾ inch overhang for outdoor protection
  • Unique gasket-less design
  • Embossed screw locations on the cover
  • Enclosure body flange is formed outwards
  • Mounting provision for direct mounting through the enclosure back
  • Optional mounting brackets provide 1 inch clearance , to protect from pooling water
  • Constructed from ANSI 61 Gray coated galvanized steel
  • UL Type 3R

The Horizontal Mount Pull Box is part of Hoffman’s innovative and extensive contractor product offering.

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