Step-Up Extenders Provide Immediate Availability On Custom-Sized Pull Boxes

Hoffman Type 1 Pull Box Extender

Projects no longer need to be delayed for 5-10 days while you wait for your custom sized Pull Boxes; Hoffman STEP-UP Type 1 Pull-Box Extenders are available immediately. Step-Up allows you to easily add depth to your screw-cover pull boxes. They can be used as a substitute for custom-sized boxes or to increase wiring capacity of existing installations; saving you the time of removing and re-installing a larger pull box.

STEP-UP saves you time:

  • Easy installation with keyhole screw slots
  • No need to remove existing pull box
  • No need to wait for a custom sized pull box

STEP-UP saves you money:

  • No need to pay extra for custom pull boxes
  • No need to remove and order a larger pull box

By using STEP-UP instead of a custom solution, contractors reduce installation lead times and costs considerably. With the most recent additions to the extender line there are now 20 different sizes available in both painted mild steel and galvanized.

Features and Benefits

  • Creates 40 additional sizes when combined with existing pull boxes
  • Quick installation
  • Maintains UL type 1 rating
  • Available in painted mild steel or galvanized
  • Retains grounding capability of the pull box
  • Compatible with existing Type 1 pull box accessories

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