Off-the-Shelf Innovation from Hoffman Saves Commercial and HVAC Contractors Time and Money

Hoffman Off the Shelf Innovation HVAC Contractors

Pentair Equipment Protection has what you need for every application—Hoffman junction boxes, weatherproof outdoor enclosures, basic panel enclosures, wireway and trough. Recent product line extensions and new product innovations make it easier than ever to complete your next project on time and within budget.

Junction Boxes

Look no further than Hoffman to get the junction box size you need. Hoffman introduces 26 new standard sizes across the most popular junction box families – now available for immediate shipment – eliminating time and money spent doing a size modification.

Helping you protect our equipment in even the harshest environments, Hoffman now offers a SX9 Explosion Proof Screw Cover Junction Box with or without terminals for installation of electrical equipment such as fuses, relays, remote control switches, transformers, ballast, etc. The body and cover can be drilled and threaded according to your specific requirements.

Pull Boxes

It doesn’t stop there, Hoffman is pleased to introduce our new line of Hoffman “Step-Up” Type 1 Pull Box Extenders. This product is designed to change what were previously custom pull box sizes into standards. Now readily available and stocked locally, Hoffman’s new Type 1 Pull Box Extender, available in both painted mild steel and galvanized, enables Hoffman Pull Boxes to cover 34 additional sizes. The “Step-Up” also enables contractors to increase the wire fill capacity of installed pull boxes, making it ideal for those applications, or retrofits, with increased wire fill requirements. The extenders save time by easily creating a larger box much more quickly and more cost effective than removing and reinstalling a larger pull box.

So whether your next project requires equipment protection from the harshest environment to indoor protection against access to hazardous parts from personnel or ingress of dirt, make sure you specify Hoffman to keep your equipment and systems functioning properly, while minimizing your service time and labor required.

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[PDF] Hoffman Contractor Pocket Reference
[PDF] Hoffman Screw-Cover Pull Box Extender Type 1 Spec Sheet