McLean Easy Swap Cross-reference App

McLean Easy Swap Cross Reference App IMG

This cross-reference App crosses the most commonly-installed competitive models (ISC, Kooltronic, Pfannenberg, Rittal and Thermal Edge) as well as legacy McLean models (eg Genesis) to their current McLean equivalent. In addition, the App also recommends the adaptor plenum required to complete the cross.

This App can be used by the maintenance manager at a typical factory/MRO location to quickly identify – with a few taps of their smart tablet or phone – the McLean equivalent required (as well as any adaptor plenum, if applicable) to replace a failed or failing air conditioner, all just from a part number reference. The App can also be used by distributor reps as well as Hoffman / McLean reps in conducting a thermal audit to quickly find the right McLean air conditioner solution based on the results of the audit. Or do you just need to find and e-mail product information associated with a specific McLean air conditioning product? The App can do that too! Finally, can’t find what you’re looking for? The App has an e-mail and call feature that directs the user to McLean customer service/support for further assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The current version of the Easy Swap App is optimized for use on iPhone as well as Android phones and tablets. Therefore, if you are using an Apple device, install it on your iPhone (an version optimized for the iPad is currently in the approval process and will be available soon).


Hoffmann/McLean Catalog App Demo