Introducing Hoffman's Newest Lineup For OSP: FTTX Fiber Optic Cabinet Package

Hoffman FTTX Fiber Optic Cabinet Package

Connecting Our World

The trappings of modern technology mean an internet connection virtually everywhere. (Even if you Sherpa your way up the closest mountain.) In today’s broadband-centric world, we rely on free-flowing data for business, learning, and leisure. Let’s face it: without the internet, we’d be lost.

Someone has to make the magic happen behind the scenes, connecting everything to the mother ship. Sometimes, that means running fiber optic cabling in tough, outdoor environments. To keep everything truckin’ along, you need long-lasting protection designed for outdoor applications.

[PDF] Hoffman FTTX Fiber Optic Cabinet Package Type 4x Spec Sheet

The Easy, Off-The-Shelf Solution

Constructed with welded aluminum and coated with polyester powder paint, Hoffman's FTTX Fiber Optic Cabinet Package delivers the protection you need. With taller enclosures ready to ship right off the shelf, there’s no need for custom orders—so forget sitting idle.

These reliable, off-the-shelf enclosure solutions deliver advanced cabinet architecture, and essential thermal management provisions. And, with Hoffman’s integration services you can receive a turn-key solution that includes installation of AC/DC power, surge suppression, wiring and testing of equipment.

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  • Larger sizes to accommodate 40-inch deep servers and other network equipment
  • Taller enclosures house more equipment with the same footprint
  • Insulation to enclosures with AC units to provide superior protection and efficiency
  • An off-the-shelf solution with faster delivery
  • Ideal for outdoor networking infrastructure or where pad-mounted enclosures are required
  • Meets or exceeds Telcordia CR-487 requirements
  • Z doors are available as a non-stock standard