Greenlee Tele-Mate 700 Telephone Test Set

Greenlee Telemate 700 Telephone Test Set application image

Along with telephone probes, test sets are an essential part of any cable technician's tool bag.

The Greenlee Communications Tele-Mate® 700 (TM-700) helps technicians install, service, and maintain voice services with ease. Whether you’re a installing a new telephone system or maintaining an existing system, the TM-700 helps you get the job done Faster, Safer, and Easier™.

The TM-700 is DSL compatible in both Monitor and Talk modes, and features an LCD screen for clear viewing of polarity, voltage, current and ringing frequencies.

The TM-700 also features a super impedance amplifier to monitor lines without disrupting traffic, a tone generator for quick and easy pair tracing, and ACalert™ hazardous voltage detection to keep technicians safe when testing telephone cables.

Features at a Glance

  • Diagnose and remedy a variety of telephone issues
  • ACalert™ hazardous voltage detection for safe operation
  • Super impedance amplifier monitors lines without disrupting traffic
  • LCD screen for displaying caller ID, voltage, current, ringing and DTMF measurements
  • Tone generator for easy pair identification



Tele-Mate 700 Telephone Test Set Data Sheet

DSL compatible in both Monitor and Talk modes, the TM-700’s LCD screen makes reading polarity, voltage, current, and ringing frequencies easier than ever, and clearly shows speed dials and recent numbers for faster access.

Tele-Mate 700 Telephone Test Set Spec Sheet

Specification Sheet for the Tele-Mate® Pro Telephone Test Sets: TM-700, TM-700T, TM-700i and TM-700UK.