Greenlee SPEED PUNCH™ System

Greenlee Speed Punch

Save time and money with every punch! With a rugged drawstud, "no thread" punches, and a quick-connect SPEED LOCK that can withstand over 40,000 lbs of punching force, the Greenlee SPEED PUNCH System is the fastest way to create clean, accurate ¾" to 2" conduit size holes. No more time wasted threading and unthreading punches for every hole, no more cross-threading, and no more costly downtime. Simply slide the punch into place, secure the patented SPEED LOCK, and punch faster and easier than ever before.

Useful for panel shops, electrical integrators, prefab, and MRO applications, the SPEED PUNCH System is available in three kit configurations and compatible with existing hydraulic and battery powered punch drivers, making it easier than ever to upgrade.

Anyone who needs to make clean, accurate conduit-size holes in up to 10-gauge mild steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or plastic will find the Greeenlee SPEED PUNCH System simpler and easier to use than standard threaded knockouts. In timed tests, the Greenlee SPEED PUNCH System set up and disassembled three times faster than standard punches. This unbelievable time saver is the fastest knockout system on the market today.

Contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR to get hands on and see just how fast this new system really is.

Features at a Glance

  • "No thread" design eliminates cross-threading
  • Sets up and disassembles three times faster than standard punches
  • Available in 3/4" - 2" conduit sizes and three kit configurations
  • Quick-connect SPEED LOCK withstands over 40,000 lbs of punching force
  • Use with hydraulic and battery-powered drivers