Greenlee Saber Stripper Tool Video

Greenlee is excited to announce our new Saber Tool. It’s a stripper designed to keep the electrician’s hands away from utility knives and blades when stripping cable.

It’s a very simple tool. It has a series of bushings specifically designed for cable sizes so it makes it easy to change sizes out. Basically, you take the bushing out and replace it with another one. It has a depth stop that allows you to adjust for how much cable you want to strip off. So you merely decide how much you want to strip away, tighten the handle and insert the cable fully into the bushing. Then, simply rotate the handle and the tool cleanly strips off the cable down to your prescribed depth and once you pull it off, it squares it off nice and clean and you’re ready to move on to your next piece of cable.

It saves the contractor time because it allows you to quickly change sizes without extra nuts, bolts or screws required.