The Get-Home-Faster Material Hauling Solution: Greenlee's GMX Material Cart System

Greenlee GMX Material Cart System

Expect More From Your Material Cart

The average material cart leaves a lot to be desired: Like that rogue shopping cart at the supermarket, sometimes you get a faulty wheel that can’t handle rough terrain. Sometimes you can’t fit through doorways. And sometimes everything comes crashing down when that makeshift forklift pocket gives way. Without the right tools, everything takes longer than it should. (So much for leaving work early.)

The Right Cart For The Job

Because no two jobs are alike, the GMX Material Cart System transforms to fit your unique needs. In less than 60 seconds, this puppy changes to any one of five configurations. Just release the hook at the bottom of the attachment, and you’re in business—no hardware needed. (That’s more like it.)

A variety of caster sizes are available, with heftier casters for powering over obstacles and through rough terrain. The cart base features quick-connect wheels for 10-second caster changeover. With a six-inch forklift pocket, you’ll achieve total mobility across the jobsite. Plus, with a compact design, this cart fits through standard 36” doorways with ease.

Greenlee’s Got Your Back

(And your knees.) With Greenlee’s GMX Material Cart System, you can forget breaking your back hauling materials and working overtime to get the job done. Clock out, see your family, watch football, knit a sweater… (Whatever floats your boat.) Who knows: Maybe all that productivity will land you a raise. But no promises there.

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[PDF] Greenlee GMX Material Carts Data Sheet

Features at a Glance

  • 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10” casters available. Larger casters available for going over obstacles and through rough terrain
  • Quick-connect wheels for 10-second caster changeover
  • Forklift pockets deliver greater mobility across the jobsite
  • Compact design allows carts to fit through 36” standard doorways
  • Base rated at 2,500 lbs

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