The Stronger, Faster, Better Cable Pulling Solution: G3 Tugger™ From Greenlee

When Tension Reaches Critical Limits

Greenlee G3 Tugger

Electrical contractors are no strangers to difficult cable pulls, whether it’s working in less-than-ideal conditions—wet, hot, or cold temperatures—or avoiding dirt, debris, and sharp edges along the way. To get the job done, you need to push through every obstacle, navigating each bend, twist, and turn.

Greenlee’s G3 Tugger™ leaves the competition in the dust, with setup that’s three times faster, stronger pulling capacity, and no loose pieces.

Pulling In Savings

Simple, dependable, and tough, the G3 is built without any loose parts, for speedier deployment. As a self-contained unit, there’s no need to remove the G3 from a mobile frame—unlike competitors’ units. The days of rummaging around for loose pieces are behind you—everything’s right where you need it.

Making use of a specialized attachment that fits various-sized conduits, you’ll spend less time looking for an appropriately sized adapter, so you can concentrate on more important things—like getting the job done. Using retained spring pins, the nose of the boom adjusts into multiple positions, for fast adjustment and attachment to conduits during a down, top, or side pull.

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[PDF] Greenlee G3 Tugger Data Sheet

Features at a Glance

  • 20% faster cable pulls, up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Patented conduit attachment system
  • No loose pieces
  • 25% stronger continuous pulling load
  • Durable engine designed for cable pulling
  • 3x faster setup