The Fastest, Safest, Easiest Way to Pull Cable: Greenlee G-Series Smart Pull

Greenlee G-Series Smart Pull

Pulling In Safety & Convenience

When it comes to preventing dangerous cable tension, the G-Series Smart Pull has your back. The unit monitors and records cable pull stats in real-time, with a built-in, early warning system that alerts you if cable tension reaches 80 percent of the cable’s limit. With that kind of information at your fingertips, the act of straining a cable becomes much more difficult.

Fast Set-Up. Easy Operation.

Powered by Bluetooth connectivity, an LCD touchscreen, and Greenlee’s PullCalc app, the G-Series Smart Pull records pull information with an accuracy of +/-2 percent. So you’ll reduce your risk of liability and ensure a healthy pull every time. Plus, with a simple 5-Roller design, steel roll cage handles, and a skeletal frame, the G-Series Smart Pull is a dream to handle and sets up in less than a minute.

Digital Records + Easy Access

With the Greenlee PullCalc app, it’s easy to wirelessly monitor pull stats in real-time. Much like the touchscreen on the Smart Pull unit, the app alerts you when a cable reaches its pull limit. Plus, you can review relevant data, download bulk batches via USB, and even email full records from your phone. With the Greenlee G-Series Smart Pull, you’ll pull cable the right way: quickly, safely, and easily.

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

Features and Benefits

  • LCD touchscreen with real-time pull force, distance, and speed display
  • Mobile monitoring + email data transfers with PullCalc app (available on Android and coming soon to iOS)
  • USB data download for easy information access (128MB onboard memory)
  • Simple 5-Roller design for quick deployment (sets up in less than a minute)
  • Steel roll cage handles for durability and easy carry
  • Lightweight Skeletal Frame
  • Compatible with Makita® batteries (up to 20 hrs. of battery life)
  • Compatible with UT10/UT8 Mobile VersiBoom™ II floor and chain mount
[PDF] Greenlee G-Series Smart Pull Brochure

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