Greenlee DataScout 1G Ethernet Tester Video

The Green Communications DataScout 1G Ethernet tester is a multi-protocol test platform, allowing users to test up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet on copper or fiber. It allows T1 testing, wi-fi, IPTV, Voice over IP testing. It's all touch screen, simple to use, fast to learn.

For the technician, all you do is touch 'Ethernet' to go into the Ethernet test. It takes test about 7-8 seconds to load up. Once the Ethernet test loads up, the contractor simply hits the 'start' button to run the Ethernet test. For example, go into 'BERT', hit 'Start' to run a test, stop to end a test and you can even save a test. If you need to test multiple locations that require different parameters, you can save those as different parameters in profiles. So now the next time you go to a location, you don't have to set all the parameters all over again. All you do is set the profile and run the test.

To run a T1 test; go into T1 and choose a BERT test, a DS0, a propagation delay, whatever you need. Run that just like you did Ethernet. For wi-fi tests, you can go in and look at the networks, see all the available access points, select an access point, connect to it, and can see everybody that's on the network through the IP tools. You can view all the MAC addresses and IP addresses.

It's simple to use, fast to learn.

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