Testing and Troubleshooting WiFi with Greenlee AirScout Video

AirScout is a Wi-Fi service testing and troubleshooting device by Greenlee Communications. A master client works as the router or Access Point for 6 different clients placed around the space.

AirScout is operated by an App available for Apple, Windows and Android. Based on a heatmap of the floor plan, a technician can easily communicate the environment to the customer, ensuring the customer's expectations are met before the technician leaves.

Eliminate guesswork. With the floor map and heatmap, contractors get a 'worst case scenario' and the app produces the best place to put the router so you're not guessing.

It comes in a very hard case that each client fits in, so you're not leaving things once you install the Wi-Fi and leave. They can be charged from one port or they can be charged separately. The Airscout can connect up to 30 clients.

[PDF] Greenlee AirScout WiFi Test Solution Brochure

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