Greenlee 910FS Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer

Greenlee 910FS Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer

As FTTx becomes prevalent in datacom, facility and military installations, the Greenlee 910 FS fiber optic fusion splicer allows technicians to analyze and diagnose fiber optic challenges with ease – and perform a single mode fiber optic splice in just 9 seconds.

The Greenlee Communications 910FS features dual cameras with 240X magnification, part of an exacting core alignment system that reduces loss and rework time, images are displayed on a 5.7-in. turn-over color LCD screen so contractors can accurately analyze the fiber placement and cleave angles before splicing. The system uses pre-terminated Splice on Connectors (SOC) that eliminate the need for a splice tray and greatly speed up the splicing process. Connectors fit into a universal holder that sits directly inside the splicer, reducing splice connection losses.

The 910FS also records each splice and auto-calculates estimated splice loss so contractors can track fiber performance and installation efficiency. Technicians can use a standard USB cable to download up to 5,000 stored splice records to laptops and PCs. A long-life, quick-recharge Li-ion battery keeps on working, even in remote locations.

Features and Benefits

  • Weighs just 6.92 lbs (3.14 kg) including battery
  • Splices SM (G.652); MM (G.651); DS (G.653); NZDS (G.655); and ITU-T G.657 fibers
  • 10 mm fiber cleaved length
  • 60 preset/user-definable modes
  • Tension tested to 2N
  • Adjustable 20-60 sec. tube heating oven for shrink-on protector sleeves
  • Cooling tray on back of unit
  • 100 to 240V AC adapter power supply; Li-ion battery (6600mAh)


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