New Tone & Probe Kit Saves You Time

Greenlee Tone Probe Kit 701K

Greenlee sets the new standard for the tone & probe category with its new Greenlee Communications 701K-G Tone/Probe Kit. An upgraded replacement for the Progressive Electronics 701K (also a Greenlee product), the 701K-G kit adds key features to help you save time in cable tracing.

Features at a Glance

  • LED Headlight Distinguishing white/blue wire pairs from white/green in low-light wiring closets can be tricky. The 200EP-G amplifier probe's built-in LED light makes it easy to see the difference - increasing accuracy and saving time.
  • Headset Jack Listen for tone discretely in office environments. Plus, the 701K-G's headset jack's output is attenuated to headphone levels, preventing uncomfortably loud output.
  • Short Circuit Beeper The 77HP-G tone generator now features an audible short-circuit indicator. This supplements the existing LED providing users both audible and visual indicators, speeding identification of pair shorts and continuity.
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