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Greenlee is known as a global leader in the professional tool category. The Rockford, Illinois-based company develops high quality innovative products distinguished by customer-driven design and differentiated by supply chain excellence. Greenlee also leverages its powerful brands such as Tempo, Paladin, and Klauke in the electrical, construction and maintenance markets worldwide.

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  • Greenlee Gator Next Generation Battery-Powered Tools

    Full line of Electro-hydraulic Crimping and Cutting Tools featuring Intelli-CRIMP® technology, Gator Eye® Diagnostic System, and Bluetooth® Communication.


  • A Safer Solution: Greenlee’s C3 Auto Whip Clad Cable Cutter

    The tedious, dangerous process of notching armored cable is a thing of the past. Greenlee’s C3 Auto Whip Clad Cable Cutter is fully enclosed, preventing the risk of injury associated with using a bulky saw. The C3 Auto Whip allows users to upload custom whip configurations and change effortlessly from one configuration to another; cutting clad cable has never been easier.


  • [VID] Greenlee G2090 Cable Stripping Tool

    The #1 injury on a jobsite is actual knife cuts on electrician's hands. Greenlee's solution has a bi-directional blade, so no more switching the blade; you just put it on the wire and it strips all by itself. You can make adjustments depending on the depth of the jacket size on each one of your wires.


  • Swifter, Safer, Simpler: Greenlee’s Mini Compact Field Office

    As the demands of today’s jobsites develop to rely on advanced technology, obsolete compact field offices stand in the way of your efficiency. Greenlee’s Mini CFO steps into the 21st century with a design that increases productivity by considering your needs. Sliding shelves allow for pull-out storage of your laptop or keyboard, while their easy removal can accommodate the storage of larger items. Integrated pass-through holes allow for the easy organization of your internal and external cables.


  • Rapid and Secure Reel Stand Set-Up: RMX Reel Stands From Greenlee

    On a big cable pull, there’s enough to keep track of. The last thing you need is another back-breaking task to add to the list. Take a load off. Relax. Greenlee will do the heavy lifting for you. With RMX Reel Stands from Greenlee, you’ll get the job done safer, better, and faster. That’s one less thing to worry about.


  • The Fastest, Safest, Easiest Way to Pull Cable: Greenlee G-Series Smart Pull

    There’s a certain art to a cable pull. Too much tension and you could damage conductivity or, worse yet, create a fire hazard. Plus, broken cables are a headache that can leave you vulnerable to extra overhead, liability, and frustrating redos. With the G-Series Smart Pull, it’s easy to monitor force, speed, and cable distance in real-time. Greenlee takes the stress out of “cable stress.”


  • [VID] Testing and Troubleshooting WiFi with Greenlee AirScout

    AirScout is a Wi-Fi service testing and troubleshooting device by Greenlee Communications. A master client works as the router or Access Point for 6 different clients placed around the space.


  • The Get-Home-Faster Material Hauling Solution: Greenlee’s GMX Material Cart System

    You can’t control everything at work: Maybe the new guy doesn’t show up. Or maybe you’re stuck punching holes in conduit ‘till sundown. But Greenlee’s GMX Material Cart System challenges expectations—putting you in the driver’s seat. This baby handles rough terrain, converts to five configurations in a snap, and fits through standard 36” doorways with ease.


  • [VID] Greenlee XT Cobalt Step Bit Video

    Watch this to see how you can drill stainless steel in ten seconds.


  • Fast, Powerful & Versatile: The LS100L Battery-Powered Punch Driver From Greenlee

    With the LS100L, punching holes in conduit is fast and simple. Punching conduit shouldn’t feel like cutting steel with a butter knife, after all. So wimpy tools need not apply. Without the speed, power, and ease of use you need, projects putter along at a snail’s pace. A cut above the rest, the LS100L is the fastest, most powerful punch driver available.


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