Video: General Cable VFD and Industrial Ethernet Cables

The Internet of Things and the Connected Enterprise are having a significant impact on driving efficiencies for manufacturers. General Cable has industrial Ethernet cables that can assist in improving the connectivity for a manufacturing environment.

IoT devices and Ethernet cables are actually rapidly displacing legacy cables that have been used in manufacturing. The main reasons for that are:

  • To prevent downtime
  • To monitor equipment for predictive maintenance
  • To save money by finding new efficiencies
  • To drive integration, connectivity and security

What General Cable has in the market is different types of industrial Ethernet cables: Category 5e, Category 6, shielded, unshielded and outside plant.

It is very important to use the right type of cable design for the VFD drive cable because the cable itself can prevent motor failure. Premature motor failure happens if you're using something like a THHN cable. Motor failure, shocks in the system and intermittent issues like downtime are all caused by using the wrong cable. The insulation material used on VFD drive cable should not be PVC, which is used on THHN.

General Cable has many cables designed for this aspect; several that have symmetrical grounds or one ground and 4 conductor cables.

Most often when you see problems in your system, it's not because of your drive or your motor; it's the cable. And if you don't think ahead and spend some money on that cable to find the right solution, you will have some issues in the long run.

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