PanGen and NetGen Structured Cabling Solutions

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Panduit and General Cable offer a comprehensive line of physical infrastructure solutions with PanGen and NetGen Structured Cabling Solutions. This world-class partnership provides guaranteed network performance and system reliability for all your customer requirements. Installations are covered by a 25-year comprehensive warranty program and single point of contact for PanGen® and NetGen® inquiries.

Through PanGen, General Cable and Panduit high-performance physical infrastructure solutions empower businesses and institutions of all sizes. The PanGen system includes choices like:

  • PanGen 6A Premium (Premium-level Category 6A system)
  • PanGen 6A (Category 6A system)
  • PanGen 6 Premium (Premium-level Category 6 system)
  • PanGen 6 Enhanced (Mid-level Category 6 system)
  • PanGen 5e Premium (Premium-level Category 5e system)
  • PanGen 10GAE Fiber (Premium-level 10 Gb/s 10km+ link distance low water peak SM fiber)
  • PanGen 10GBL Fiber (Extended-level 10 Gb/s 500 meter link distance 50 micron fiber)
  • PanGen 10GBE Fiber (Premium-level 10 Gb/s 300 meter link distance 50 micron fiber)

NetGen is a comprehensive line of cost-effective contractor-grade connectivity and cabling solutions that consist of:

  • NetGen 6 (Category 6 system)
  • NetGen 5e (Category 5e system)

General Cable and Panduit provide customer-driven performance, quality, reliability and service that you need for your most demanding customer requirements.