General Cable's GenSPEED® Thin Profile 10 MTP™ Category 6A Cable: Reduced Diameter, Enhanced Performance

General Cable GenSpeed Thin Profile 10 MTP Cat 6A

Save the Alien Crosstalk For E.T.

In networking applications, alien crosstalk can occur due to interference between unshielded cable pairs. For better data transmission and higher speeds, mitigating noise between individual cables is key. Instead of spending the extra time and money upgrading to a shielded solution, there’s a better way. (And a better cable.) With General Cable’s GenSPEED Thin Profile 10 MTP Category 6A Cable, you and your customers enjoy the performance of a shielded cable—without the extra cost and potential complications.

Smart, Thin-Profile Design = Lower Costs + Easier Installation

With an overall diameter of 0.275”, tight installation space is no match for the GenSPEED Thin Profile 10 MTP Category 6A Cable. The thin profile and reduced weight of this cable allows for easier installation and increased fill capacity for cabling pathways. In fact, installers can fit 12% more cable in the same conduit.

The internal separator also optimizes internal pair geometry to yield superior electrical performance and total flexibility. This unique design creates a smaller, round cable profile, for easy cable-tray layout. With lower costs, better performance, and simplified installation, everyone wins.

Unshielded Cable Design, Shielded Performance

With Mosaic Crossblock™ technology and the 10 MTP unshielded twisted pair (UTP) design, the GenSPEED Thin Profile cable provides the highest protection against alien crosstalk in a UTP cable. (Guaranteed +8 dB over TIA 568-C.2 standard for both PSANEXT & PSAACRF.)

Features of the Thin Profile 10 MTP™ Category 6A Cable

  • Reduced overall diameter (0.275”)
  • Highest protection against alien crosstalk in a UTP Cable (+8 dB over TIA 568-C.2 standard for both PSANEXT & PSAACRF)
  • Guaranteed electrical performance
  • Proven reliable Mosaic Crossblock™ technology
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced cable weight for increased fill capacity
  • Round cable profile for easy tray-cable layout
  • Rugged 23 AWG conductors for improved PoE performance


[PDF] General Cable Thin-Profile 10 MTP Cat 6A Cable Data Sheet

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