Cables that Keep their Cool: The GenSPEED® Brand Line of LP Listed Cables from General Cable

General Cable EfficienC Max Line of GenSPEED

The Evolution of PoE

As more devices require greater than 50W, we push the envelope toward 100W capabilities. Contractors and end users need cabling solutions that power high-wattage applications efficiently. (In other words: we need more power, Scotty.)

Getting Hot Under the Collar

At a BBQ, soaring temperatures are embraced. In a cabling environment, not so much… At elevated power levels, heat generated by traditional category cable solutions (5e and 6) can cause cable degradation leading to loss of performance and potential cable failure over time, particularly in temperature-sensitive areas, like data centers. Having to decide which cables to install while checking ampacity tables can cause anyone to lose their cool.

Easy Peasy

Recognizing the amount of confusion and considerations to be had regarding PoE technology, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) developed a listing category called Limited Power (LP). The LP listing provides a simple way to ensure cable installations are future-proofed against the ever-increasing PoE standards. It accounts for large bundle sizes, high ambient temperatures and other issues related to environmental effects such as enclosed spaces or conduits. The new LP listing is denoted as a suffix and is followed by the ampacity rating of the particular cable.

No Contest

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) includes LP listed cables in the 2017 revision of the National Electric Code (NEC) as a straightforward means to ensure your infrastructure can handle high-power PoE applications. What’s the alternative? Consult a complicated ampacity table armed with your cable’s gauge size, temperature rating and intended bundle size or consult an engineering professional. An LP listing provides assurance that a cable can handle the heat, no matter the bundle size or installation conditions. The LP rating is all that matters when seeking a simple way to plan your infrastructure.

Cable Choice Matters

The first to achieve the LP rating, GenSPEED Brand cables featuring EfficienC™ Max offer greater protection from elevated temperatures in high-wattage applications. Ensure a hassle-free installation without constraints to bundle size by choosing one of General Cable’s GenSPEED Brand solutions that feature the LP rating.

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For More Information on PoE and General Cable’s LP Listed Cables:

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