Video: General Cable GenClean Cable Withstands Washdown Cycles

General Cable is very excited to offer a brand new product, GenClean, to the industry. The food and beverage industry came to us a couple of years ago and said, we're looking for a product that has all the properties of a rubber cord product, that's rugged and durable and yet also can withstand the washdown cycles that are required within that industry.

So what we've done is we've developed GenClean as a product that has all the chemical and abrasion properties of a typical rubber portable cord product, but also has the ability within the compound of this cable to make it through a washdown cycle and clean off organic materials better. With typical rubber the stuff adheres to the jacket and doesn't come loose. But this has different properties and it gets washed away in that cycle.

What we did is we took some cable and we baked on some carbon black onto this cable, just so we could show the cleanability of it. It starts off very black, and just with a simple wipe, we can see that it cleans off that cable and gets rid of those materials that would typically be on there and not come up on a typical rubber cord.

General Cable is very excited to be able to offer this new product, GenClean, to the food and beverage industry and for other industries that have a need for a cable that's very rugged and durable and is also cleanable. It also comes without TruMark technology, so that's going to save on scrap and time savings. We think this is a great product and we're very excited.