Carol® Brand EXZEL™ LSZH Cables

Carol Brand EXZEL LSZH Cables

In response to environmental concern surrounding the burning of halogens, General Cable offers its Carol® Brand EXZEL™ Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH) line of electronic cables. To reduce the toxicity and corrosive effects that may impact people and equipment, Carol Brand's EXZEL LSZH construction produces low amounts of smoke and acid gas during a fire, while maintaining the same flame requirements, electrical performance and longevity as traditional cable constructions.

During combustion, LSZH cables produce low levels of halogen gases, which have a minimal effect on the human respiratory system when inhaled, as well as a low level of hydrogen chloride, which is non-damaging to electronic circuits or machinery. A low level of smoke also is generated (white opaque smoke versus black smoke in PVC), improving visibility by increasing the chance of people visually finding their way to safety during a fire.

In green building installations or when retrofitting to best safeguard people and protect the environment, EXZEL LSZH cables are a true "green" alternative. And with EXZEL, U.S. manufacturers also have access to domestic LSZH cable for use on equipment that may be sold internationally.

Features at a Glance

  • Sunlight-Resistant – Jacket compound will not fade or deteriorate during its lifetime
  • Low Temperature Properties – To -40°C
  • Lighter – Overall cable network system weight can be reduced
  • Value Added – Save on installation and materials costs – conduit and ducts are not required
  • Safe – Non-toxic under combustion or decomposition
  • Jacket Finish – Low friction reduces cable drag-thru during installation


EXZEL LSZH Cable Solutions

Within this white paper, General Cable will discuss the benefits and characteristics of Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH) cables over PVC jacketed cables, and the advantages of EXZEL™ FR-LSZH cables over similar PVC product offerings.

EXZEL High-Endurance Cabling

General Cable's new EXZEL High-Endurance Electronic Cables are engineered for extreme environments where unparalleled performance is critical and cable failures are not an option. An exceptional choice that offers complete peace of mind, this new cabling line exzels in applications where oil, liquids, vapors or other substances can attack the jacketing of conventional "round gray" PVC electronic cables.