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General Cable, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Highland Heights, Kentucky, is a global leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, industrial, specialty and communications markets around the world.

The company manufactures a wide range of high performance GenSPEED® copper data communications cables, NextGen® Brand fiber optic cables and Carol® Brand Electronics and Cord products, industrial and utility cables, as well as wire and cable solutions for all your application needs.

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  • Video: General Cable VFD and Industrial Ethernet Cables

    It is very important to use the right type of cable design for the VFD drive cable because the cable itself can prevent motor failure. Premature motor failure happens if you're using something like a THHN cable. Motor failure, shocks in the system and intermittent issues like downtime are all caused by using the wrong cable. 


  • Cables that Keep their Cool: The GenSPEED Brand Line of LP Listed Cables from General Cable

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) has evolved from a niche solution to a viable powering option for many applications. Holding its own alongside the evolution of PoE, General Cable’s EfficienC™ Max line of GenSPEED® Brand products power high-wattage applications, both safely and cost-effectively. Ultimate EfficienC is here. Read more.


  • The Protector: General Cable's Variable Frequency Drive Cable Series

    Don’t leave your cabling to chance. General Cable’s Variable Frequency Drive cables offer a dependable solution for jobsite safety and efficiency with a rugged design that efficiently handles dangerous voltage spikes. These VFD cables use symmetrical grounding to minimize ground voltages and induced ground currents; in turn, customers experience a reduction in motor-bearing fluting and premature motor failure. It’s the cable you’ve needed, available now.


  • General Cable Unarmored and Armored VFD Drive Cables

    General Cable provides a complete line of cables for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) in both unarmored and armored designs as well as in many power ratings.


  • [VID] The First LP-Rated Cable for PoE from General Cable

    General Cable is the first company to obtain listings for the new UL listing for LP. Their 22 gauge PoE Category 6 cable is designed to handle higher power PoE. Effectively, it allows you to go up to certain wattage without ever exceeding your cable temperature reading so you're assured that your cables will not degrade over time when you run high powered PoE.


  • VFD Drive Cable—Critical or Overkill?

    This presentation by General Cable explores the design aspects of the VFD drive cable that make it a critical part of a reliable VFD system. 


  • Save Time, Labor & Money: High Speed, Xtra Low Friction (XLF) Industrial Cables From General Cable

    When installing cable for commercial, industrial and utility applications, you need a solution that stands up to tough conditions—not one that’s tough to install. General Cable’s High Speed Xtra Low Friction (XLF) Technology delivers up to 80 percent less installation pulling force versus standard cable*. So it’s easier, faster and safer to install into conduit, duct or cable tray. Read more.


  • The Future of Structured Cabling Systems

    Understanding the impact of wireless technologies, fiber and other competing solutions will be critical as we all determine how to best serve the needs of the structured cable market in the future. Join us to learn about the insights we have gathered.


  • General Cable Upgrades Interactive Catalog Site and Offers New Mobile App

    With their new site, General Cable now offers an app for download on the App Store or the Play Store for use on mobile devices or tablets, making their online catalog tool available at your fingertips anytime, or offline! Read more.


  • General Cable's GenSPEED Thin Profile 10 MTP Category 6A Cable: Reduced Diameter, Enhanced Performance

    Since most unshielded cables don’t make the cut, your customers may choose to upgrade to a shielded solution, which can sink a project’s budget. Or you could install General Cable’s GenSPEED® Thin Profile 10 MTP™ Category 6A Cable—the unshielded cable that performs like a shielded cable but does not require grounding. Read more.


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