Why Buy GE T8 Lamps Now Video

GE Lighting’s John Rankin discusses that while T8 lamps are going away legislation-wise, there are still a lot of options available that are very attractive for lighting upgrades. There’s a big push for LED but it’s important for contractors and facility managers to know that when you use a T8 lamp solution and particularly the GE 28 watt SXL T8 lamp combined with a GE programmed start ballast you get 84,000 hours on a 12-hour cycle. When you compare to an LED tube or fixture you are roughly looking at 50,000 hours. The cost for T8 lamps is dramatically less than LED. There’s a lot of noise going on about LED, but one of the most cost effective lighting solutions we have today is the GE 28 watt SXL T8 lamp paired with a GE programmed start ballast.